On the Edge: Declan

I have a fondness for urban fantasy with tough, spunky heroines. The Mercy Thompson series by Patricia Briggs are the werewolf/vampire novels I will never be ashamed to read. On the Edge by Ilona Andrews did not disappoint–I found Rose to be a heroine I could get behind.

The story takes place in the Edge,a place between the Broken (our world) and the Weird (faerieland, which essentially a mirror opposite of our won). Rose Drayton is a young woman struggling to provide for her two brothers, one who is a shapeshifter and one who can raise the dead at the cost of his own life force.

At Rose’s high school graduation, after working every hour at “flashing” which is kinda like an attack of magical energy, she flashes white. This being the most powerful flash color, bluebloods from the Weird and a few powerful families in the Edge come after her in hopes that she’ll breed a bunch of white-flashing babies. She becomes understandably wary, especially with her current boyfriend attempting to sell her off to one of these baby-hungry families.

A few years later, Rose is trying to provide for her brothers at an off the books job (The Edge isn’t known among normal people so no one there has the correct paperwork. It’s only off the books jobs for them). There’s been some mysterious happening going on (hmmm) with dogs disappearing and a mysterious man named Will showing up. Oh and a green-eyed stranger who she first sees jumping over a car and then a day later this green-eyed stranger shows up at her house. He’s a blueblood from the Weird named Declan and he’s determined to have her.

Be prepared to change your panties. Declan is HAWT.

The alpha males always get me. God knows I hate the men who try to control the women and is all “You woman, get in kitchen.” It’s kinda hypocritical. I probably wouldn’t be able to be in an actual working relationship with most of these literary stud. So I just try to see how much these boys stay on the good side of the alpha line. Like it’s okay if they want to protect their girl but they can’t be a major control freak. Call the girl out for being super reckless but don’t keep her from doing anything at all.

Good: Adam from the Mercy Thompson series (I’m sorry to keep mentioning this. I just reread the third book and I love this series right now)

Bad: Mr. B from Pamela. (As much as I loved this book, oh God he was awful. You tried to come and comfort me while I was angry? I’m sending you away!)

Anyway, Declan comes in criticizing everythingRose does and her “education.” He’s determined to have her and pretty much forces her to agree to give him three challenges. If he wins, she goes with him to the Weird and is his. (Is it horrible whenever a guy in a book is all “you’re mine” I get swoony?) If she wins, he leaves her alone.

Thankfully, Declan redeems himself. The whole mean blueblood persona is just an act to get into her house. Since her house has so much magic, it will attract the bad guy and his evil hounds. And Declan needs to take down that bad guy because..well he’s bad and he may or may not have done something to Declan’s shapeshifting friend William.

So…I’m mixed about Declan. A lot of times he and Rose argue over who will have what role in the fight or anything, even when Rose is probably in the right she apologizes. Which should probably make me angrier at Rose but I instead get angry at Declan. That’s…well that’s telling. Let’s move along.

Declan does let Rose participate in the final battle, acknowledging that her flash is super powerful. And he does make her fight alongside him instead of alone but only because she doesn’t have the right knowledge about her limits.

I think what made me feel so…eh about Declan was the end. They’ve fallen in love, had their sex scene but Rose still has objections. Declan could be ostracized for taking a commoner, he could lose his title. So the final challenge is that she and the two boys are allowed into the Weird and they have a 30-day trial period. At the end of it, she has the opportunity to go home if its not working out.

I understand why Declan is upset. But he reacts by not talking to her for two days. And then he says “I missed you” and has sex with her.


My qualms aside, I still found Declan good mancandy. He helped the kids with their issues, helped Rose with hers, saved the day. If not for the mess ups, he’d be up there with my other favorites. But alas…he has.

So, breakdown.

Looks: Tall, often shirtless to show his golden skin, blonde, bright green eyes. Yummy.

Personality: He’s honorable and protective. Yay. Is a little bit of a baby. Eh. Often lies by omission. Eh….

Oh god, I still want to love him. Damn you hormones…damn you.

Man Grade: B-


3 Responses to “On the Edge: Declan”

  1. 1 Sarah December 28, 2009 at 4:34 am

    Interesting… I just wanted to leave you a note to let you know that I visited.

  2. 2 Mary December 28, 2009 at 4:03 pm

    Wow Ally….I bookmarked this page so I can read them all!

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