Layout and Rating System

So as you can see there is a new layout. And it will not be the last. I’m teaching myself CSS so I can make my own layout. I expect when I finally get it, there will be lots of Sir Percy.


But in the meanwhile, enjoy the image from a Barbara Cartland novel cover.

I’ve been wondering about the rating system. A friend suggested I rate men in Darcy’s. As in the one from Pride and Prejudice. (If you still don’t know who that it, I don’t know if we can be friends.) And that could work. This got four out of five Darcy’s.

Or I could change it up. On a scale from Edward to Darcy, where does this man rate? Though Edward probably isn’t the worst. If I were to really think about it, the rating system would probably be like this:

Heathcliff (from Wuthering Heights): Not Mancandy. Awful awful, foul tasting stuff

Edward (from Twilight): Has a thousand warning flags going up as you read him but still has some appeal

Mr. Rochester (from Jane Eyre): Sexy/appealing, often redeemable but upon further look maybe not the greatest of lovers

Wesley(from The Princess Bride, the book. In the movie he’s pretty flawless): One or two flaws but overall amazing


I don’t mind the grade system. I have been handing out a lot of A’s but I’ve been using a lot of heroes who are my personal favorites. I should start throwing in some bad ones too. Lets face it, most people would rather read a scathing review than a nice one.

I will mull it over.


1 Response to “Layout and Rating System”

  1. 1 Alex L January 31, 2010 at 8:26 pm

    I like the Edward to Darcy rating scale.
    I also think you should review Edward. I feel as though this would go over splendidly. ❤

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