Who Did It Best?: Sir Percy

So a new feature for Literary Mancandy:

Who Did it Best?

Where we show adaptations of delicious mancandy and decide who portrayed him best. And since we’ve already analyzed Sir Percy, let us now see who did him best

Leslie Howard

The 1934 adaptation of The Scarlet Pimpernel. As I watched, I was surprised to see a lot of lines and scenes in common with the Anthony Andrews version. I think Leslie Howard did a pretty good job and the only think I dislike in the scenes I’ve found is that Marguerite is very swoony.

Anthony Andrews

We covered a lot of what makes Mr. Andrews so amazing in the last Sir Percy blog post so I will let the clip speak for itself.

Richard E. Grant

I was somewhat hesitant when I first came upon the BBC adaptation because when I looked at Richard E. Grant, I did not see Sir Percy. He ended up doing a pretty decent job though he isn’t my favorite. This clip is pretty long so feel free to skim.

Douglas Sills

Ah…Douglas Sills. I love his voice so very very very much. The Broadway musical could not have happened without a good Percy and they got the very best they could. I’m using the same clip as the last Percy post because it shows off his vocals best.

BTW did you know that he also played the crazy dentist in the revival of Little Shop of Horrors? This man is frickin amazing.

Daffy Duck

Okay, so maybe “The Scarlet Pumpernickel” isn’t an accurate retelling but when disguised as a froo froo nobleman, Daffy takes his snuff just like Leslie Howard (and later Anthony Andrews)

SO who did it best?


1 Response to “Who Did It Best?: Sir Percy”

  1. 1 AuntieBetty June 30, 2010 at 1:08 am

    I voted for Anthony Andrews, but started watching the BBC version – Richard E Grant is Wonderful!!!! Gotta change the vote. Thank you for opening my eyes!
    Alex’s Auntie Betty

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