Top 10 Mancandy

Happy Valentine’s Day!  Let’s celebrate with a list of the top ten literary mancandy. Because there’s no better way to celebrate love than fantasizing over fictional characters

10. Prince Char from Ella Enchanted

(I was not a fan of the movie but this version of Char is pretty adorable looking)

In this reinterpretation of Cinderella where Ella is cursed by a fairy to always be obedient, this Char was what us weird girls needed. He appreciated Ella for being the quirky, intelligent girl he was. When you’re in junior high, knowing such men exist do wonders for your self-esteem.

9 Carlisle Cullen from Twilight

Say what you want about Twilight, Dr. Cullen is friggin sexy. The fact that he’s a blonde, blue-eyed doctor is reason enough but the man has a good heart. He’s taken in five “children”, strives to help humans and bought an island for his wife. His only mistake was associating with Edward.

(Please don’t kill me, Twi-hards)

8 Mr. Rochester from Jane Eyre

Not classically handsome but brooding and mysterious and incredibly passionate. Mr. Rochester burned for plain little Jane Eyre and you couldn’t help but swoon. And then Jane Eyre doesn’t have to compromise herself. He gets her after he’s gone half-blind, lost his crazy wife and became as pious as Jane. It’s a win win.

7 Captain Wentworth from Persuasion

I could look at this man for hours…

When Anne Elliot was persuaded to refuse this man before the novel began, you could start thinking Anne crazy. But their love story, full of tenderness and secret hidden love is one of Austen’s more romantic tales. Some may argue it’s even more romantic than P & P.  Captain Wentworth is loving and patient and…well look at him!
6 Adam Hauptman from The Mercy Thompson Series

Adam is the alpha of the tri-city werewolf pack in Patricia Briggs series. He’s bossy and dominant but at the same time, he dotes on both his daughter and Mercy when she gets into trouble. He’s an example of  a well-written Alpha: he has his flaws but Mercy recognizes them. He may be domineering but he would never try to control Mercy or tell her what to do. He’s also big and muscle-y with short dark hair and deep brown eyes.

5 Zane Cobriana from Hawksong

For the complete lowdown check out the earlier post about Zane. But he makes it to the list for both his sheer sexiness (his black hair, leather pants and come hither ways) and his devotion to his people. They use the term “Draco in Leather Pants” to describe “When a fandom takes a controversial or downright villainous character and downplays his flaws, often turning him into an object of desire in the process.” such as well, when people insist Draco Malfoy is this wonderful human being and super sexy too.

Zane is like a Draco in Leather Pants, only a real one. Not one created by fans.

4 Roiben from Tithe/Ironside

I think Roiben is way hotter than this picture but you get the idea.

So Roiben: first a knight of the light court of the fairy, than for the dark and then king. He’s princely and devoted but has a dark edge to him because he is a faerie. Not the froo-froo Tinkerbell type but the kind that steals children and plays with mortals. His interactions with punky rebel Kaye are fun and sexy and he does all he can to protect her in the sequel Ironside, when her love for him sends her on a dangerous quest.

3 Shevraeth (Vidanric) from Crown Duel

Another not so great picture but you get the idea. Vidanric (called by his title Shevraeth through most of the book) is a nobleman charged with bringing the countess Meliara to the evil king.But is he really just a lackey? or is he one of the good guys?

Short answer: He’s a good guy

I have a thing for the princely, noble, somewhat reserved types. He’s not dull though. He banters with Meliara, carries the weight of a the country on his noble shoulders and when Meliara can’t seem to get over her initial prejudices of him, he starts to woo her with letters from a secret admirer. Overall, great character. Great mancandy.

2 Sir Percy from The Scarlet Pimpernel

There’s not much to be said about Sir Percy that wasn’t said here. But for being a devoted husband, a hero, and an amazing dresser Sir Percy swings into the number two spot with ease.Every woman wants a Sir Percy, someone to be their hero, their ardent lover, their witty partner. If I could have a Sir Percy…well I wouldn’t be blogging on Valentine’s Day. Such is life.

1 Mr. Darcy from Pride and Prejudice

Were you really expecting anyone else?

Mr. Darcy represents all our romantic expectations. He appreciates the intelligent girl despite what others may say. He has faults but over the course of the novel he changes and becomes a man worthy of Elizabeth Bennet. Whether you picture him as the brooding, stalwart man or the wretched hero in love, he suits us.

As this comic from “Hark! a Vagrant“proves:

When it comes to Mancandy, Mr. Darcy is king.


5 Responses to “Top 10 Mancandy”

  1. 1 Jessica February 14, 2010 at 8:01 pm

    Hm… I mostly agree with this list. I am sad that no LOTR characters appeared… hint hint

  2. 3 Jeanne June 7, 2010 at 12:13 am

    I sooooo love the scarlet pimpernel!!The original story was amazing and I follow all the updates . Thanks for a great blog!!!!

  1. 1 Charmed by the Prince. « Literary Mancandy Trackback on February 12, 2012 at 4:01 am

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