Who Did it Best?: Hannibal Lecter

Soon…hopefully this week or the next or this month, I will unleash a post of Utmost Importance. I wont give you all the details but it involved Mr. Darcy and the title is DARCY BOMB

But enough about that. In honor of the previous post, let’s see who best brought to life Dr. Hannibal Lecter!

Now, an admission. Until tonight I have only ever seen the Anthony Hopkins version. And I am slavishly dedicated to Mr. Hopkins. So y’all know where my votes going. But lets see who else played the infamous cannibal:

Brian Cox in Manhunter

Thomas Harris’ first novel Red Dragon was adapted to a movie titled Manhunter in 1986. (For some reason, the last name was spelled Lecktor.) While Cox comes off as very arrogant and knowledgeable it doesn’t seem as smooth. I kinda like the accent but he seems far more playful than I’d like. And his expression irks me.

Though in the comments of the Youtube vids there’s this:

I thought he acted far more diabolical than Hopkins. A much better Hannibal Lector. You can see how he got into Grahams head so much easier.

So maybe I need to view the whole movie to compare. I commend Brian Cox on good acting but it wasn’t Hannibal to me.

Anthony Hopkins in Red Dragon, The Silence of the Lambs and Hannibal

I didn’t realize Hopkins was also in Red Dragon. I need to see this now. Sorry it’s the same clip as before, there weren’t many good ones on Youtube.

So yes…I think Hopkins has it all. The voice, the charm, the way of playing with Clarice just enough and then sneering down at her. He’s a rush to watch.

And he got the Oscar for it. So…come on

Gaspard Ulliel in Hannibal Rising

I will say this, this man is attractive. And he certainly has that smoothness and poise of Lecter. The actual movie lost me when he has a random Japanese “aunt”/love interest. This seemed to me like a “Japanese are cool, let’s put them in here!1!1”. Sort of like how they put The Mummy franchise IN CHINA. Or The Fast and the Furious IN JAPAN. Or the Third Pirates of the Caribbean goes to…well you get it.

That aside…I’m not sure if i want to see this. It looks far too violent for my tastes. But I will say that this Hannibal fits fairly well with the criteria.

Jordan Black in Silence of the Lambs Spoof

I have no comment. just enjoy.


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