Summer Video Game Special

In honor of E3 which concluded not too long ago, I’d like to highlight some Video Game ManCandy. If gaming is not your thing at all then in the meantime, go check the other book blogs you’re following. I’m sure they have something exciting and wonderful waiting for you while I geek it up.

The rest of you, enjoy some pixels as I share with you my top 10 favorite video game mancandy.

10. Link (Zelda Series)

It’s nice to know that if you get kidnapped by a madman bent on stealing your Triforce and taking over your kingdom, Link will come save you. Because even if you can disguise yourself as a badass ninja or as a pirate, eventually you’ll need it. And since Link never says anything (excepting that one cartoon with that one catch phrase I will no repeat here no matter what you say) he’ll never be a jerk to you.

…Okay, here’s the catch phrase.

9. Klaus (Princess Debut)

So there’s this DS game where in an alternate universe, you are a princess. One day, the alternate princess version of you comes into your world asking to switch places with you. Thus begins your journey as you complete rhythm games to learn new dances and you pick the prince of your dreams from six eligible bachelors.

…I totally own this game. In fact I was very very excited to learn this game existed. I’m kind of a loser. Shh. Anyway, Klaus is the mature, princely character. He’s very sweet and nice, sorta that ideal of the popular boy at school noticing the odd girl they way Taylor swift promised us would happen. At the beginning you do have the challenge of another girl but eventually he becomes free and you can make him your dance partner and marry him OR go back to your own world and hook up with that dimension’s version of him.

Oh. Huh. Just looked at the “Age 15” there. Awesome. Now I’m a sicko.

8. Marth (Fire Emblem)

Confession time: while I’ve played Fire Emblem games, I haven’t played one with Marth in them. However, he is my character of choice in Super Smash Brothers Melee and SSB Brawl. He’s very pretty. See how pretty he is? And he has amazing agility. I can’t stand the slow but strong characters in fighting games. Give me fast and furious anytime.

7. Ezio Auditore da Firenze (Assassin’s Creed II)

I love this outfit. And I love Ezio. Yes, he kicks butt with all his assassin moves and hangs out with Leonardo Da Vinci. But he also cracks wise and flirts with the ladies. The game has a lot of souped up parkour action and during the beginning in those missions that serve as tutorials, one of your tasks is to sneak up into the house of your lady lover for the evening.

6. Yuri Lowell (Tales of Vesperia)

Not to be confused with voice actor Yuri Lowenthal.

Namco has released several “Tales” games which combines RPG fun with beautiful cel-shaded cut scenes and (usually) real-time battle systems. Out of the ones I’ve played, two stand out as engaging games I could play again and again. Tales of Vesperia is one of them.

Yuri, the hero, isn’t the kind of guy you’d expect to sweep in and save the day. He’s a troublemaker and sometimes lazy. Definitely what you’d call a “reluctant hero”. But when push comes to shove he’s there at your back.

5. Vincent Valentine (Final Fantasy 7)

There’s something about Vincent Valentine that makes you want to hug him. Could be the whole lost his love to the guy who shot him and then experimented on him thing. I don’t know. Although Vinnie’s cryptic and gloomy, he never gets to the point where you want to throttle him. When push comes to shove, he shows up to kick butt.

As far as his own game goes…well I want to play it. But I refuse to spend more than $7 on a game that is all cut scene with limited gameplay. One of these days I’ll probably borrow it from someone. Maybe. Lately I’ve been so disenchanted with Square Enix.

P.S. I totally think he and Yuffie would be ADORABLE together. They’re one of the reasons I like the couples with the perky girl and the aloof boy. Shhhh.

4. Leon Kennedy (Resident Evil)

If it was based on looks alone, Leon would take the top spot. I mean…my goodness gracious.

…Anyway, if you’re in a jam, Leon will rescue you. Even if you’re a preppy blond teenager that he always has to send into boxes so that the zombies don’t eat you. In fact, he’ll send you into those boxes because he cares. Unless you’re a femme fatale in a red dress, then he’ll happily let you fight alongside him.

And the scare factor of RE4 is insane. I scare easily. And yet I still wanted to play because Leon is so awesome.

3. Kratos Aurion (Tales of Symphonia)

Tales of Symphonia is the other Tales video game that I liked. (We will not discuss the sequel. Ever. Not even Johnny Yong Bosch’s voice talent could save that abomination.) In fact, Symphonia is probably my all-time favorite game. The story is engaging even after multiple replays, the visuals are beautiful and the battle system is amazing. You can battle by yourself or bring in a friend to take over another character in your party.

Kratos is the enigmatic mercenary who joins your party early in the game. He’s well-developed and keeps you guessing about just where his loyalties lie. Unless you know the ending, you can never be sure just whose side he’s on. The voice acting by Cam Clarke adds to this. (I have no qualms with any of the voice actors in Symphonia, which is rare. Usually there’s one character that makes me wince.)

For his moments of tenderness paired with his altogether badassness make him number 3.

2. Bioware

Bioware. Just…Bioware. I am convinced that this company was formed with the sole purpose of making girl gamers squee to death.

Mass Effect 1 & 2 (first two pictures) and Dragon Age Origins are similar in that you choose who your character is, what his/her background is and who he/she’ll hook up with at some point during the game out of your lovely party. I prefer Mass Effect because the battle system is friggin sweet and your main character (named Shepard in all versions), while directed onto a certain path, seems like more a character than the main character of Dragon Age. Probably because Shepard actually has speaking lines.

Alistair from Dragon Age is sweet and goofy and has his charm, though if you’re not a human noble and go through events that will cause him to be king, he’ll totally dump you. Racism is alive and well in the fantasy land, with the Elves living in ghettos and being treated as second-class citizens. (This is my favorite part, actually. That and the Dwarf culture. It’s well thought out and not another LOTR rip-off)

He doesn’t quite compare though to Garrus (1st pic) who pulls off being edgy and sexy while being  shy and sweet. And Thane, while he may look a little bit like a fish, is more on the zen side of things but still has that edgy/sweetness thing going on.

Still, as much as I love these Bioware boys, my number one pick is:

1. Zelos Wilder (Tales of Symphonia)

Real men do in fact wear pink.

Why is Zelos number one? In the first place, I have a soft spot for the characters who are outrageous flirts. And Zelos is that. So much so that if you play as him and talk to any woman, she’ll give you free health potions and gold. It’s the sort of flirtiness that translates into him being the lighthearted one with the best comic lines and pushing all the buttons of Action Ninja Girl Sheena (this means they’re meant to be).

But he’s not all charm and glee. Zelos was born to a mother who wished he were dead, a sister who hates him still and a birthright that could mean his death. Your actions in the game decide just what his fate will be. (Needless to say, I always choose for him to have a happy ending.) The ambiguities surrounding him and many characters in this game are why Symphonia is my favorite game and Zelos, my favorite video game Mancandy.


1 Response to “Summer Video Game Special”

  1. 1 Jessica June 26, 2010 at 4:02 am

    OMG I totally agree! Except that Garrus should be first. I’d take it from him any day, love a slice of that Turian love meat. mmmhmmm 😉

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