Pretty Little Liars: Men of PLL

Pretty Little Liars is the story of five girls who were once the best of friends. When their friend Ali died, they all went their separate ways. Three years later, the surviving four are brought together again by a mysterious figure named “A” sending them messages taunting them about the secrets they keep.

Secrets only Ali knew.

I picked up PLL because a) it’s a popular series, b) it’s spawned a tv show on abc family and c) the title of the book is hand lettered. (If your book font is hand-lettered, I am 95% more likely to want it.)

This review is going to be different. PLL is a good, intriguing read. It takes on some serious issues (eating disorders, sexual identity, divorce) in a mature way and the four main girls read like actual teenagers to me.

The men of this book however…are not mancandy to me. But I don’t want to analyze them as per usual. I just want to rant at them. Thus spoilers ahoy. I think I can justify the spoilers because the events of this book have happened in the tv show and the book has been out for five years.

If you would rather not be spoiled, go on your merry way. If not, read on. (If I happen to channel the Sassy Gay Friend while doing this…well, that happens.)


Ian. Ian. When your girlfriend’s little sister (who is twelve and you are about 17/18-ish) kisses your cheek in an attempt to get back at her older sister, what do you do? Well you should have laughed it off, patted her head and shooed her away. Or be like “uh…that’s not cool.”

You do not press her against the car and kiss her until the car alarm starts to blare.

She is 12. You are 17/18.



I think I am supposed to think you’re cute, Wren. Because you have a British accent and you are a doctor. And you’re supposed to seem like a nice guy.


When your girlfriend’s sixteen year-old sister is in a hot tub, you probably shouldn’t get in with her. And you shouldn’t be all “I’m a doctor, let me massage it.” That is skeevy.

And then don’t later approach her when she’s alone. And when she kisses you, don’t kiss back and start taking off her clothes. Like even if you could  blame it on heat of the moment, what do you do? You go to the bathroom, prep yourself and come back ready for the sex and you’re all “ohhh where were we?”


She is 16. You are like…at least 24. What what what are you doing?

Spencer’s Dad

Spencer’s Dad. Okay, I would be upset too if I saw my 16 year-old daughter about to have the sex with her sister’s older boyfriend.

But maybe once you’ve calmed down, you and your wife could have a talk with Spencer. Like about how she shouldn’t be in a rush to grow up. She shouldn’t go for older boys. Maybe tell her she doesn’t need to compete with Melissa, she is fine just the way she is.

Not “Get thee away from me, harlot! I will not speak to you again!”

Just saying.


I will give you the benefit of the doubt Ezra. I will believe that if you meet a girl in a bar who is drinking a beer, you can believe she is legal. The bartender gave her a drink and all.



When you found out she was your sixteen year old student, you should have gone with your first reaction which was: “oh…okay I know we made out but I thought you were at least 21 so this isn’t going to happen again.”

NOT “I see you flirting with a fellow student in an obvious attempt to make me jealous. I’m going to get creepy and stare at this, and then invite you over to my house. But it’s okay because we’ve promised to wait for the sex.”

What are you doing?


Aria’s Dad

Aria’s Dad. I’d say it caused some undue psychological trauma to make your daughter swear to never tell anyone that you’re cheating on Aria’s Mom with one of your students. (At least this student is legal. But still. Cheating. And even if you were single…dating a student, regardless of age, has shades of skeeve.)

I know from the tv show that you don’t get better. I am disappointed, Aria’s Dad.


Look Sean, I’m not gonna hate on you for signing a virginity pledge. I’m not sure why you did (you’re not religious) or in what high school that would be “a fad,” as the book describes it. (Or maybe my school was just especially sexually active…?)


Maybe talk to your girlfrend about it? I’m not saying you needed/need her permission. But maybe telling her why instead of just getting mad when she doesn’t understand why you did it and why you’re brushing her off would have gone better for you.

Also, you were pretty mean to her at the party. Don’t do that.


Noel, what are you doing?

Nothing wrong, actually. You’re a bit of a bro and kinda into parties but you’re a teenager. Your knowledge of English literature assures me that when you hit college, you’ll blossom into something awesome. And be a way better pick for Aria than creepster teacher.

You are my favorite. You get a gold star.




5 Responses to “Pretty Little Liars: Men of PLL”

  1. 1 Traxy September 16, 2011 at 11:22 pm

    What about Caleb and Lucas? Or are they only in the TV show? Both are really cute as characters, I think.

    Ezra, I completely disagree with. That’s by far the biggest reason I’ve been following the TV series. Adorable man! ❤

    • 2 allyjs September 17, 2011 at 1:33 am

      I didn’t encounter Caleb or Lucas in the first book of the series. It was a short novel so they may pop up later in the series. I do love Lucas.

      I do like the actor who plays Ezra (he is a cutie-patootie.)

  2. 3 Alex Larder September 17, 2011 at 6:55 pm

    These people seem like crazies. I kind of want to read this now. It’s like Degrassi. 😐

  3. 5 Garo October 18, 2013 at 3:12 pm

    I’m not favourable where you will be getting the details, having said that great topic. My spouse and i ought to spend an afternoon understanding a great deal more or maybe understanding far more. We appreciate you fantastic facts I became seeking these records for my vision.

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