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Charmed by the Prince.

Or, the Prince Charming appreciation post that may have been inspired by ABC’s new show Once Upon a Time.

Prince Charming is an archetype that can be manipulated and remade a hundred ways. He’s more of an idea then an actual character (though I bet you that the image that comes to a lot of people’s minds is one of the two Disney animated Prince Charmings.) So I thought I’d highlight some of the memorable versions.

Since Prince Charming is most often related to Snow White and Cinderella (again, thanks Disney) I’m putting the main spotlight on those renditions. And my focus is on modern re-tellings then the stories that might appear in different fairy tale collections.

As always these grades are not a reflection on the writing quality but on the men themselves, on just how charming they actually are. And I’ve tried to refrain from major spoilers in this one but they still lurk below.

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Romance and the Mancandy

Happy valentine’s all! Whether you are single or taken, I hope you all appreciate the idea of romance. Especially since that’s the genre of books that I tend to review the most. So in honor of the holiday, I’m bringing you a list of the top five most romantic book heroes.

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Top Ten Villainous Mancandy

It’s October. Time to celebrate everyone’s favorite holiday.

Columbus Day! Go take credit for discovering a new land and mistreat its natives!

Look at that saucy mancandy right there. Work that hat you saucy beast.


Seriously though, in honor of the Halloween I will present you with my top ten villainous mancandy. Heroes are wonderful but the most of us have a weakness for the baddies, even ones we’d never go near in real life. So enjoy!

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Yesway, Maybe, Noway

So I recently discovered this awesomesauce blog called which reviews YA literature for an adult audience. Please check out the Flowers in the Attic drinking game. But probably only if you have read FITA. If you have not….don’t. Just…save yourself.

Anyway, they had a big discussion about what books/premises are dealmakers and dealbreakers.Ā  Which inspired me to list out my favorite things, the things that make me ditch the book and the stuff in between.

So I don’t know how y’all feel about my ranting but in deference to those who don’t want their vibes harshed on, I will save what I dislike for last. That way if you just want to read about happy things, you need only read section 1. Enjoy.

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Hard as a Diamond Cutter

You know, apologies to Vincent Courtney should he ever decide to google his book and find this. But I really need to share with all of you some of the best/worst quotes from Vampire Beat in case you do not have the opportunity to experience the full wonder.

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Summer Video GameĀ Special

In honor of E3 which concluded not too long ago, I’d like to highlight some Video Game ManCandy. If gaming is not your thing at all then in the meantime, go check the other book blogs you’re following. I’m sure they have something exciting and wonderful waiting for you while I geek it up.

The rest of you, enjoy some pixels as I share with you my top 10 favorite video game mancandy.

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Top 10 Mancandy

Happy Valentine’s Day!Ā  Let’s celebrate with a list of the top ten literary mancandy. Because there’s no better way to celebrate love than fantasizing over fictional characters
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