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Charmed by the Prince.

Or, the Prince Charming appreciation post that may have been inspired by ABC’s new show Once Upon a Time.

Prince Charming is an archetype that can be manipulated and remade a hundred ways. He’s more of an idea then an actual character (though I bet you that the image that comes to a lot of people’s minds is one of the two Disney animated Prince Charmings.) So I thought I’d highlight some of the memorable versions.

Since Prince Charming is most often related to Snow White and Cinderella (again, thanks Disney) I’m putting the main spotlight on those renditions. And my focus is on modern re-tellings then the stories that might appear in different fairy tale collections.

As always these grades are not a reflection on the writing quality but on the men themselves, on just how charming they actually are. And I’ve tried to refrain from major spoilers in this one but they still lurk below.

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Mystique: Sir Hugh

As you probably know by now, when I read historical romances I tend to stick with the Regency period (or the decades immediately preceding or following). Medievals don’t tend to make on my list (though I read plenty of fantasy/sci-fi with medieval-esque settings). But this one caught my eye because (a) I’d read one book by the author and wanted to read more and( b) the description talked about a dark knight coming for a mystical jewel and a scholarly heroine. It’s like it knew just how to draw me in. (I think anything that reminds me of a childhood cartoon like some sort of magical jewel will probably draw me in the same way any book about a “wicked” hero does.)

And so I went in hoping for adventure and came out reading a love story that took on the dynamics between men and women, the effect of revenge and feuds  on families and yes, featured a dark knight.

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Grimm’s Fairy Tales: King Thrushbeard

It’s fairy tale time again!

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Pretty Little Liars: Men of PLL

Pretty Little Liars is the story of five girls who were once the best of friends. When their friend Ali died, they all went their separate ways. Three years later, the surviving four are brought together again by a mysterious figure named “A” sending them messages taunting them about the secrets they keep.

Secrets only Ali knew.

I picked up PLL because a) it’s a popular series, b) it’s spawned a tv show on abc family and c) the title of the book is hand lettered. (If your book font is hand-lettered, I am 95% more likely to want it.)

This review is going to be different. PLL is a good, intriguing read. It takes on some serious issues (eating disorders, sexual identity, divorce) in a mature way and the four main girls read like actual teenagers to me.

The men of this book however…are not mancandy to me. But I don’t want to analyze them as per usual. I just want to rant at them. Thus spoilers ahoy. I think I can justify the spoilers because the events of this book have happened in the tv show and the book has been out for five years.

If you would rather not be spoiled, go on your merry way. If not, read on. (If I happen to channel the Sassy Gay Friend while doing this…well, that happens.)

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Game of Thrones: Eddard/Ned

Game of Thrones has been on my to-read list for a few years. I didn’t read it only because my book selection depends 90% on what the library has. When they made an HBO series of the first book (and my cousin who loves fantasy urged me to start reading them) I figured it was about time to pick up a copy. So I made my purchase at the local book store and oh my god…

…I am so glad I did.

Out of respect for others just getting to the series, I will limit my spoilers. And I ask that if you do comment, please do the same. I have not picked up my copy of the next book in the series (thought I intend to soon).

Also, there’s an undercurrent of fear when reviewing something that has such a large, devoted fanbase. Even if I’m somewhat in gushing fangirl mode as I write this.

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The Sicilian Doctor’s Mistress: Gio

Another Harlequin! I feel a little weird reviewing a Harlequin not recently published because the company releases so many category romances per month. Kinda like fashion trends, I wonder if I’m going on about something that has already passed us by. But this is one of my of Harlequin’s categories so…yes.

Like Protecting Plain Jane, this book is short in length. Thus I will analyze a lot of the book but I won’t be discussing the ending.

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Darcy Bomb 2: The Darcy Strikes Back

It’s 2011 and even though Austen-mania has receded, I’m still finding Pride and Prejudice spin-offs. And I am still unable to not pick them up if I see them in the library. So here’s another round of Mr Darcy goodness.

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